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Dear yuletide Santa...

I'm fairly easy-going about my yuletide requests -- the details I've already listed are pretty much all I have to request. But I suppose it'll be helpful to jot down my dislikes, yes? I don't like sap/WAFF, kidfic (unless you can somehow turn it into a black comedy), over-the-top angst, and I'm very iffy on non-con. Unequal power relations, especially in het, and character-bashing also turn me off.

As for my likes, well. Music and food are good! So is political intrigue, where appropriate. Yes, I'm one of those ev0l hippie commies.

Good luck on your assignment, and I hope you'll have as much fun as I will. :)

[VARIOUS] Drabble/ficlet exchanges

Title: Transition
Author: Yasmin
Character: Norrington
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.
Notes: A drabble written for huabot in the first round of drabble_trade, originally posted here. Vague spoilers for the second movie.

TransitionCollapse )

Title: Untitled
Author: Yasmin
Characters: Reuentahl, Mittermeyer
Fandom: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.
Notes: A ficlet written for tongari in the second round of drabble_trade, first posted here.

UntitledCollapse )
Title: Scraps from a Life
Author: Yasmin
Characters/Pairings: Kogure Kiminobu, Mitsui Hisashi
Fandom: Slam Dunk
Disclaimer: Inoue Takehiko owns all. I just borrow them for a while.
Notes: This is the first of three batches of vignettes (all set within the same vague universe, though each one could certainly stand alone if you so wish), written for the 31_days theme exchange. This set of themes was formulated by grass_angel -- my apologies for not having everything done at one go. I'll be posting one batch per week.

01. white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbitCollapse )

02. The hated face of nineteen yearsCollapse )

03. he was light, and he was light againCollapse )

04. nervous twitchingCollapse )

05. and so they waltzedCollapse )

06. Let superscripts and subscripts go their waysCollapse )

07. it"s like a possum leaping into your face!Collapse )

08. listen, and be amazed at the silent symphonyCollapse )

09. roadkill on the side of the roadCollapse )

10. spill ten pintsCollapse )

[SD] Ad vitam (G, Sakuragi, Maki)

Title: Ad vitam
Author: Yasmin
Characters: Sakuragi Hanamichi, Maki Shinichi, Anzai-sensei
Fandom: Slam Dunk
Disclaimer: Inoue Takehiko owns all. I just borrow them for a while.
Notes: Written for yuletide 2006 (originally posted here), upon request by chaosraven. Gen, set post-series.

Ad vitamCollapse )
Title: And We Won't Return by Dawn
City: Melbourne
Fandom: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Characters: Yang Wenli, Walter von Schenkopp, others.
Rating: PG, mostly for language.
Author's Notes: An AU written for the citynextdoor Big Cities Challenge. Set circa 2004. The title was filched from a Whitlams song -- guess which one.

And We Won"t Return by DawnCollapse )

[WK] Will (G, Aya/Ken)

Title: Will
Characters/Pairings: Aya/Ken
Challenge: Second-Person Narration
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Series: Weiss Side B
Author's Notes: Written for wk_100.

The next time you see him will be winter.

Ken will welcome you with your sword and a long-lost glow -- you will know he has found himself. He will have plans for hiyayakko with lavender flowers in summer. Michel will plant wichuraiana roses and you will watch the vines curl sleepily against your window, and cast shadow plays on Ken's back. Together you will kill again, love again.

You last see him in autumn. You do not say farewell, but do not wait for him. You will never learn to hope.

The next time you see him will be winter.

[SP] Untitled drabble (Yonekuni/Shiro)

Fandom: Sex Pistols
Rating: PG
Notes: For rei_kurasaki, CNY '06.


Shiro made a confused, interrogative sound. He started to pull away, but Yonekuni's hand closed around his wrist -- so tight he could feel the bones straining.

"Don't look at him," Yonekuni said, his voice hoarse and low.

"I wasn't--"

Yonekuni's teeth found the fleshy juncture between neck and shoulder, leaving a stinging mark. Shiro inhaled sharply and turned to kiss Yonekuni's ear.

It was easier when Yonekuni came to Shiro with the rain on his back, seeking warmth and sex. Shiro didn't know this Yonekuni and his desires, only nothing was ever enough anymore.

"I wasn't," he repeated, gently.

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